Why You Should Visit Texas at Least Once in Your Life

a texas flag

If you confused about a travel destination, then the next time you go abroad, you should try for Texas. It is one of the largest states in the US. And although you may already know that Texas is full of valleys and deserts, there is so much more about the place than meet the eyes.

The Abundant Festivities

a girl with guitarBeing stereotyped as a dry and barren land does not stop Texans from partying and having fun. There are yearlong festivities of carnivals, cultural heritage, and music. The biggest ones are Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Fiesta San Antonio, and State Fair of Dallas. And if you are more of a music guy, you have to visit Austin, Texas. In February, they have Carnaval Brasileiro. In March, there is the Rodeo Austin. And the list goes on until December with Armadillo Christmas Bazaar on the schedule.

The Cuisine

juicy steakDo not come to Texas if you do not eat meat. Everything there is about beef and beef. One example is the CFS (Chicken Fried Stick). It is the best comfort food that Texas has. And almost all cafes and restaurants serve it. All other foods may be spicy and unfriendly to a sensitive stomach. But CFS is there to save your day!

CFS has every taste of savory, umami, salty, and crisp. CFS is often served with fried okra and mashed potatoes. And there is a twist to the dish. CFS has no chicken in it. It uses tenderized and pound beefsteak. CFS got its name because the steak is fried in oil, a method that resembles serving a pan-fried chicken breast cutlet.

The second best thing about Texas is the BBQ and grill. You should visit central Texas for beef BBQ. There many restaurants there, but none of them serves bad foods. Pick as you wish, and you shall experience the magical taste of Texan BBQ. And for your information, beef is the most common meat to use in BBQ. Pork meat is only for sausage and sandwich.

The Getaways

old american townSince Texas is very vast, there were many historical settlements there. One example is Gruene. The town used to be a German farming settlement. But instead of being abandoned, the local community and the government revitalized the place. It has a winery that allows visitors to taste their products. And it has Guadalupe River, near which there are grill bars and restaurants serving local fish.

Georgetown is your next best option for a getaway. Many of the buildings were in Victorian style. Therefore, if you are a fan of cities’ architecture, you will not be disappointed with the beauty of Georgetown. Also, you must not skip the Victorian Downtown Square. It is the most beautiful and majestic town square in Texas. It shows how prosperous and vibrant the city was in the past.