How to house train a pet

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Do you love pets? Are you thinking of buying one? Pets are loyal friends. But they can be messy. That is why you need to house train your pet. You might never understand the importance of training a pet until it decides to relieve itself in your living room full of visitors. You can train the pet yourself, which is recommended or hire a trainer. This article will give you tips on how to successfully train your pet. Read on.

Training a pet


pet trainingBefore you even think of training your pet, teach yourself patience. Pets are animals. Installing human behavior in them can be a hectic job. You will be required to repeat one trait as many times before the pet picks it. You will at times think of giving up, but that will not help. You need to hang in there until your puppy behaves the way you want.


After you have learned and exercised patience, consistency comes next. As mentioned earlier, you are instilling human behavior to either a dog or cat. Stick to one thing until it learns. Trying to make it learn different traits at a go will only confuse it. If you want to train it on feeding location and time, stick to the same location and time until it learns. If you start calling it by a bell when time to feed comes, do not try changing a thing.

What happens if you travel during training?

Stuff will come up, and you will have to leave your dog under someone’s care while you are away. Honestly, this might affect them. Explain to the caregiver what needs to be done and urge them to do it the exact way. But it will be best if the person who started the training finishes without interruptions.

Do not shout

It might get annoying from time to time. But shouting won’t solve a thing; it makes things worse for the pet. Try to be as friendly as you can. We started with the patience, if you are patient enough, you will not shout, it is okay to correct them, but in a friendly manner.

Award good performance

walking a dogJust like humans, animals love to be awarded to work well done. You can take it for a walk, give them their favorite meal, buy them a new blanket, simply give them whatever they love. After celebration time is over, get back to business as usual.