How to Find a Pace Setting Car Towing Company


Car towing has been around for decades, yet some tow companies offer the services based on the industry’s erstwhile principles. Towing is no longer about moving a stalled car from one point to the next. It has evolved into an elaborate art. Therefore, next time you need reliable towing services, use – towing Richmond Hill – as your search keyword and you will discover that there is a difference between seasoned car towing experts and greenhorns.

Modern towing techniques

Established firms usually offer flatbed towing services. While there are numerous of them around you, not many of them deploy double car towing services at affordable rates. Using the flatbed towing technique, you can have multiple cars towed at the same time. This leads to quicker services since the tow truck can pick all the cars that are in need of emergency rescue in a given area in one go.

Hydraulic tilt-bed carriers are designed to avoid any damages to your car during the towing process. You subsequently prevent scratch body incidents that can set you back financially since other than fixing the engine; you will pay more for the bodywork and the paint job. Professional towing companies are bound to handle your car with utmost care irrespective of its value, size or model. Therefore, you get a team of towing professionals with apt knowledge on ways to deal with tricky road rescue missions.


Smart towing

Smart towing Richmond Hill techniques are designed to offer state-of-the-art services that are tailored to tow special vehicles. You don’t tow a top-of-the-range sports car the same way you tow an ordinary saloon car. Smart car towing offers more than hoisting and pulling a car to the nearest garage since the process involves the use of a specialized crane. The crane is adjustable to suit supercars’ design. This ensures safe transit and faster road rescue missions.

4-Wheel tow trucks with enhanced performance

Towing is a relatively easy affair when dealing with sports-utility sized vehicles. Things get complex when it comes to towing a loaded trailer. The load can be liquid substances or poisonous gas that need professional handling. In these instances, you need a 4-wheel drive tow truck with enhanced performance. Top-notch tow trucks are also equipped with digging and hoisting equipment that you need to pull a car from a crash site which can be a pond, a thick forest, extreme snow, sand or rainy conditions.

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Trusted brand

Never involve a towing truck company with no physical address in your road rescue activities. Trusted brands have physical stations where the tow trucks undergo regular mechanical maintenance. Their engines and wheels are attended to by experienced mechanics. Tow trucks should be reliable in all kinds of weather.

This means engaging a towing company that’s hailed for its quick response at any time of the day or night. The company should send a team that includes medical experts in the event of a road rescue mission with medical casualties. All the team members should be insured to avert additional charges that may arise from unforeseen occupational hazards that may occur during the road rescue.

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