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Weight loss is a journey. If you decide to follow the correct path, the journey might not be easy. It is only the right path which will give you long-lasting results. Nowadays people love shortcuts. There are many supplements online which might make you shed weight in a short period but the results will not be long-lasting. We are what we eat. The only sure way to lose weight is through checking what we eat and exercising. This article discusses losing weight the healthy way.

How to lose weight faster

Change your diet

healthy dietExcess weight comes as a result of excess calories in the body. The body needs calories to function. When unused calories accumulate in the body, resulting in excess weight. Now, calories come from the foods we eat. There are foods termed as high calories foods. If you only feed on such, there is no doubt that you will gain excess weight. High calories include sugar and starches. Cut their intake as much as you can. Include fats, proteins, and vegetables in your diet. This is what we call a balanced diet. You can eat proteins such as fish, eggs, seafood, beef, bacon, etc. vegetables can include, kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, celery and much more. Healthy fat sources include butter, avocado oil, olive oil, tallow and coconut oil.


After observing a healthy diet, you must exercise. Exercise tones the body and burns excess calories. Remember we said that it is the excess calories which make us fat, the only way to burn them is by exercising. But people are lazy today. They will blame their laziness to work and busy schedules. Did you know that going to the gym is not the only way to exercise? You can do it from anywhere anytime. For example, you can decide to be taking the stairs. You can be walking either to or from job. But people are too lazy to do any other above. After sitting the whole day, you need to do something that makes your body sweat. You can even dance while making dinner. The idea is to keep your body active and to sweat.

Maintain your weight

exerciseDo not relax after hitting your dream weight. If you go back to unhealthy eating habits and laziness, your body will go back to where you started. It is therefore important to stick to the plan and enjoy your new body figure.