What is VoIP and How Does it Help a Business?

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If you run a business and still stuck with the traditional telephony services, you might want to contemplate changing to VoIP services. Without any doubt, voip phone system for business comes with a load of advantages. Most people who have been relying on conventional phone services for long, but the truth of the matter is that voice over internet protocol is a better option to use.

What is VoIP and how does it help a business? VoIP is a modern digital telephone service that utilizes the internet instead of modern phone lines. Keep reading to master more about the gains you get by switching to VoIP.


business communicationWith voice over IP, you don’t have to bother about dropped calls or static lines. It provides an excellent voice clarity technology that enables you to hear the other person on the opposite end of the line better than standard telephone lines.

In simple terms, VoIP has managed to get rid of the bugs experienced on traditional lines. You can count on voice over IP if you are searching for a reliable phone system.


Apart from the monthly costs, old phone services will burn a hole in your pocket in upfront fees for the equipment that is outdated after a few years. And that is not all; making long distance calls with VoIP is much cheaper compared to popular long distance calls. If you are living in an international city, you can take advantage of VoIP calls to chat with customers overseas.


If you install VoIP in your office, you can incorporate your phone systems with other programmes for remote conferencing, email and more. VoIP compatible apps make it possible to communicate with the business phone system from wherever you can access the internet. It’s even possible to connect your cell phone to your VoIP system via an app. If you don’t want clients to know your phone number you can make and receive calls through your VoIP system with your work phone number but on your cell phone.

Enhances Productivity

communicationVoIP allows users to multitask and make business calls without much struggle. This means that you can travel from one point to the other without worrying about missing an important call. Furthermore, VoIP allows users to attach documents, host virtual meetings and share data via video conferences. Once you give your employees a particular extension or phone number they can still use it even after switching desks. Gone are the heydays when you had to fret about mastering your new phone number after rearranging the office.


The only hardware that you require to use the internet telecommunication are the phones and ethernet cables. This means that you don’t have to bother about the keeping of the system. In most cases, VoIP services required repairs that have to do with the internet connection. The preservation cost of a VoIP service is much lower compared to traditional phone services.…

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